There are the following areas on the ground floor:

An entrance door to the old alberge and to the brotherhood´s office.

Reception area where piligrims are welcomed and registered in the record book once their credentials are stamped and beds assigned.

A room where boots and sticks are kept.

Functions room used for different ceremonies of the brotherhood


A chapel with Jesus in the Sanctuary, spiritual and religious books and prayers in different languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese)

Courtyard with grass lawn sinks for washing and clothes line, wooden tables, covered parking space for the bikes, a place for animals and bathrooms with showers.

A spacious kitchen which is basically used by the brotherhood on the Saint´s Holydays.

An independent dormitory with 24 bank beds and a room for the ¨hospitaleros¨ with private shower and toilet. This space is used in April and May by the brotherhood on holidays for preparing and distributing the ¨Cebolleta¨(chives), ¨El Almuerzo del Santo¨ (Saint´s brunch) and the Bread and Cheese.

An artistic henhouse stands out in the garden where the white roosters and hens are raised and passed to the niche in the Cathedral with a two weeks ´rotation