The first floor which is used exclusively for different ceremonies of the brotherhood consists of:

The hall of the damsels which is 100 square meters; here the ceremony of the Brotherhood such as the display of the Table by the Prior takes place.  The Prior then offers it to the Damsels who wear the Saint´s bread on May 11th.  This day there is a Procession of the Bread and of the Pilgrim with a dinner for the Damsels and the Prioresses afterwards; designation of the annual brotherhood, the medal ceremony, nomination of the ¨Brothers of the Saint¨, day of the ¨Gaita¨(bagpipe), after the romeria people go back to the Ermita (Chapel)  de la Mesa del Santo and exchange statues with the association of the property administrators.

A Kithcen providing service for the function room.

The museum of the Brotherhood which holds several paintings, documents, gifts and pictures, 4 pots made of bronze which were formerly used for preparing the so called Almuerzo del Santo¨(Saint´s lunch). In the museum there also are 40 jars made of clay each one corresponding to a certain year of the Brotherhood, 42 statues of Saints and Virgin Maria, most of which were given by the property managers on their yearly pilgrimage to Santo Domingo, their patron Saint.

In the Library there are 36 books regarding Saint James´s Way, 38 other books about ¨Santo Abuelito¨, Saint Hermosilla, the Cathedral and other Brotherhoods.  There aksi are 93 books and documents, the oldest ones dating from 1690.